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Did you know that the Lebanese Association of Certified Public Accountants now has an application that you can download on iTunes or on Google Play

According to its description, it should contribute to:
– Preserving and promoting the interests of CPAs and the profession itself.
– Serving to improve the transparency of the industry and to maintain the profession’s integrity
– Providing better products for the CPAs, Professionals and the public.
– Ensuring the well-being of LACPA’s members, while upholding the public interest. We believe that this can be assured by:
– Enhancing the services’ quality based on professional competence, integrity, and objectivity.
– Serving as an advocate for, and promoting the public image of, its members.
– Articulating positions on professional and public issues when the expertise of CPAs is relevant.
– Providing the necessary resources for members to thrive in a dynamic, rapidly changing environment.
– Ensuring that LACPA becomes globally recognized by the financial community as a respected institution influencing the concepts and ethical practices of accounting and auditing.
– Providing members with a personal and professional development opportunities in accounting and auditing through education and in association with business professionals and certification.

For the fourth year in a row Iraq Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (IEITI) has been successful by releasing, in December 2014, its annual report entitled this year: Iraqi Oil Revenues 2012, Local Consumption and Field Development.

Please click here to download Ahmed Mousa Jiyad’s full report.

Source: Iraq Business News

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